JFC series mechanical rotary blowback bag dust collector

This filter uses circular uniform structure, form good antiknock performance, compact structure, adopting high pressure fan blow soot cleaning, without being limited by the conditions of gas source, using resistance automatic control counter blowing dust to save energy and prolong the service life of the bag. Cold region indoor installations can be installed outdoors, and other areas can be widely used in machinery, casting, mining metallurgy, building materials, food chemical industry and many other departments.

Working principle:

The dust gas enters tangentially into the upper space of the filter chamber. Under the action of centrifugal force, large particles and agglomerated dust particles rotate along the simple wall and fall into the dust bucket. Small particles of dust are dispersed in the air space between the bags in the filter chamber and thus are retained by the filter bag. The purified air is collected in the cleaning room through the bag wall through the filter bag inlet on the flower plate and then inhaled and discharged by the ventilator. With the continuous filtration condition, the dust trapped on the surface of the filter bag gradually increases, and the resistance of airflow gradually increases. When the set resistance limit is reached, the automatic control device will turn on the back-blown cleaning machine to clear the dust.

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